Thursday, September 30, 2010

Phoenix Institute mission statement/Oxford 2001

The following is from my notes

Phoenix Institute Mission statement:

"To foster a common quest for truth leading to personal and social commitment by understanding, affirming and promoting, the transcendent values of civilization through education, friendship and leadership". (Phoenix Institute homepage)

"This three-week course studies from the perspectives of literature, philosophy, theology, law and politics, and history aspects of modernist-postmodernist thought. In today's technological and information society, where knowledge is fragmented, where regard for reason and truth diminished, and where utilitarian, materialistic and amoral world-views prevail, the transcendent goods of human dignity, justice, and freedom are threatened by reductionist philosophical anthropology, by a deepened sense of alienation, and by increased cynicism about the value of existing social and political institutions. This course examines ideas for renewing culture and for restoring value to transcendent human goods in a modern-postmodern society through the restoration of philosophical realism and the revival and application of fundamental spiritual and ethical principles." (Description of the Oxford program 2001)